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Mark Mangini

Mark Mangini is an artist and musician from Pittsburgh.  He takes inspiration from the art of children, Satie's concept of Furniture Music, the placebo effect, and some of the more embarrassing elements of New Age philosophy.  Mark believes that in a maximalist, overstimulated environment it is necessary to seek refuge in the sublime, to still the conscious mind and seek answers from within.  Creating work that encourages deep contemplation while being easy to ignore is the aim; the goal is evolution on a personal and societal scale. 

Michael Pisano

Michael Pisano is an animator, illustrator, and filmmaker. His first career aspiration was to be a dinosaur. Later acquisition of bifocals in suburban New Jersey led to an amateur interest in small things: ants, pondscum particles, fine print, and the Earth as featured in illustrations of the solar system. Michael uses storytelling to educate about nature and the importance of stewardship in the Anthropocene. His nonfiction work highlights the intricacy and intertwined beauty of all living things, and the researchers and activists working to understand and protect them. His fiction work uses the treatment of nature in myth and fantasy as a point of entry into conservation conversations.