my name's michael. i'm an illustrator, animator and filmmaker in pittsburgh, PA. haunted meat is my baby.

haunted meat makes comix, zines, games, patches & other dank swag for dungeon punks.

in april 2015, i started planning a project called CRAWLER, a webcomic with embedded games and animations. much of my free time since has been spent creating the CRAWLER universe and the narrative guiding us through it. i've also grown a lot of mushrooms and slime mold.

it's a spooky fantasy story about prehistoric gods and mass extinctions and bugs and fungus. i get carried away with worldbuilding—it’s kind of my favorite thing—so CRAWLER's universe is lush with indulgent fantasy bric-a-brac: giant spiders, enchanted spears, cryptic histories, sentient oozes, etc.

haunted meat began as an experiment in making CRAWLER independently sustainable. for now, it's pretty simple: haunted meat sells stuff.

haunted meat sells stuff from the CRAWLER world, images that i cherrypick from the narrative and make into merch people might like. i try to extract images that are standalone, and ideally kinda metal.

i'll start fundraising for CRAWLER in earnest in 2018, after i've got some pilot content in-hand. in the meantime, if you'd like to support this project, everything i make here goes directly to production. go ahead, treat yourself.

as much as this is about making salable swag, it's also about keeping myself motivated to make CRAWLER one little piece at a time. i've got big plans on the horizon for haunted meat, plans beyond plain merchandising; for now, whether you're an independent storytelling fan, or you've just got a sparse denim vest to cover up, i've got your back. thanks.